Here you can find information on the accessibility of the event.

The location is wheelchair accessible. The bus stop ‘Thijmstraat’ is located near the entrance of the building. There are a number of disabled parking spaces available.

There is a rest area. This is located in the basement.

If this rest area is not quiet enough, tell a volunteer at the information desk.

There are no sign language interpreters available.

The information desk is located opposite the entrance. If you need help navigating the event, you can get help there.

In case of emergency, tell a volunteer or building manager. Volunteers can be recognized by the key cords. Building managers can be recognized by the T-Shirt with ‘Gemeente Nijmegen’ on it.

In case of acute emergency, such as serious injury or fire, call 112.

If you don’t feel well during an activity, you can always leave. You can contact the volunteer in the room for help.

You can always ask the volunteers at the information desk for help.


Informatiebalie / Information desk = I

Centrale ruimte / Central room = C

Theaterzaal / Theatre = T

Room 1 / Room 1 = 1

Room 2 / Room 2 = 2

Accessible toilet / Accessible toilet = Wheelchair symbol / wheelchair symbol

Toilet = WC