Reproductive Health for every body and every family

Deze workshop is Engels gesproken

This workshop is aimed at queer people, not at healthcare providers.

As a queer person, even thinking of having biologically-related children may be one of the most rebellious acts we may do. And yet, we can, and we are here to reclaim our right to do so. Queer people can become parents in many ways, also being biologically related to their children.
During this workshop we will explore creative and revolutionary ways of starting, expanding and strengthening our families through understanding how queer people can also biologically reproduce. In particular, we will discuss fertility preservation options for people who intend to start gender affirming therapies and for those who already started. Furthermore, we will dive into assisted reproductive technologies for queer people to find our ways of doing it outside of cishet norms and institutional medicalization and pathologization of our existences.  
This workshop is tailored for queer people who use and do not use gender affirming therapies.  

This workshop will be facilitated by:
Maddalena Giacomozzi (they/them) is the president and co-founder of Treat it Queer. They are a medical doctor and a feminist queer activist. With a background in international medicine and global health, they have been pursuing their academic interest in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Aiming to bridge the world of queer activism with the academic gender theories avant-garde, they have fun challenging normativity within reproductive care and developing new frameworks to understand health from an intersectional decolonizing feminist perspective. Their work is queer- and trans-centered, and body- and sex-positive.
Their research has been published a.o. in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics and LGBT Health, and it has been presented at numerous festivals and conferences across Europe engaging a wide audience, from academic researchers to sex workers unions. They are the co-founder and event coordinator of LadyFest Maastricht, Do It Your Health, and Treat it Queer.
Their favorite color is red.