Rope play for beginners

Keep in mind: to participate in part 2, you have to have followed part 1
Bring your own rope

We invite you take your very first steps in learning Japanese-inspired rope bondage
within a setting that’s particularly designed for LGBTQIA+ and friends.
This workshop is designed for absolute beginners with little or no prior knowledge
about shibari and kinbaku (a.k.a. Japanese bondage).
Asa (they/them) and Kai (he/him) will teach you all about the basics of tying and
being tied, how to develop your skills, build muscle memory, and find creativity and
intimacy on your rope journey.

Due to hygiene reasons we do not have rental rope, so we encourage people to bring
their own (natural fibre) ropes.
Ropes can be bought on location but tend to sell out quickly. Be smart and buy your
ropes up front 😉
Our advice for starters is to buy the starters set of 3 (hemp or jute) ropes of 8 meters
here: Niet-Lief: OR Tailbone Shop: